The dutyfree thief

Richy, Petey and I were on our way back from a trip from Amsterdam. They had both been working and I’d had a chilled time (including my first experience of a flotation tank). Anyway, as usual there was a cock up over flying times and Petey got us to the airport about 5 hours before we had to.  We all got so bored hanging around, drinking endless cups of coffee and dozing, that we nearly missed the call for our flight and ended up running to the gate.  Once in our seats there was an announcement over the tannoy. Someone had taken a passenger’s dutyfree Gitanes at the hand luggage x-ray.

“What a low trick”, I said, looking around at the rows of passengers to see if I could spy the guilty face. “What sort of good for nothing bastard would do that? End of a good holiday and someone has the nerve to swipe your dutyfree from under your nose. Awful”.  Richy and Petey nodded in agreement but didn’t get too excited.

An hour or so later we landed at Heathrow.  I got up, picked up my hand luggage and my dutyfree from under my seat. Oh. Crap. “Er, Richy, do you want to grab the attention of the air steward? I’ve gained 200 Gitanes”.

(Catch up with Captain Jack and Cabin Crew Candy in ‘Characters’)

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