Woman on all fours

In honour of the £5.365m of our money spent on this shite. Here is the woman on all fours. Who called it for what it was.


Update: September 25 2016

A day or so after posting this in July, our solicitor got in touch to say a Sloven solicitor had been in touch:

She said that there is a video which has been posted on your blog which contains a female member of staff […]. Apparently that member of staff withdrew consent in relation to that video some time ago and so the Trust has not been using it and she has reported that the republishing of the video is causing her a lot of upset and therefore wondered if it could be taken down.

At the time we took it down immediately.

Today, we found out that the current total paid to Talentworks (who are behind the Going Viral programme talked about in the short film) is now £5,861,424.03. Another £500k since Michael Buchanan’s original expose?

I’m reposting the film. I’m sorry to the staff member if this causes upset (and please contact me directly if it does – posting a comment below for the first time is private) but the full extent of the rubbishness of the training needs to be seen.

Going viral. At nearly £6m of NHS money.  Talentworks? Gone to ground…


8 thoughts on “Woman on all fours

  1. All these NHS MH trusts are at it. One not too far from this one. Spending our money on corporate luxuries while draining the hidden homes of their budgets and basic needs, such as highly paid staff with expertise and so placing vulnerable people at risk, forgetting they are in the business of care and protecting people’s lives.

    • Yes If only….?

      Always a good idea to be careful not to conflate issues but held SHFT contract with LA’s to provide learning disability nurses to support access to the range of health care services for people with LD who live ‘independently in community’.

      Eligibility for community LD support assessed by a Trust clinical psychologist.(funded by LA?) Then for some – many months on a long waiting list for this support for even routine health care for – as I have been advised – too few community LD nurses to meet need.

      While waiting on this list very vulnerable people could get very poorly indeed ?

      If some of the £5.000.000 (how much!) had been spent on improving community health care – eg providing more community LD nurses – potentially ? – fewer people would need/have needed in house assessment and treatment – or admission to acute hospital care ?

      So …some if some of this eye watering amount (that much ?) – (that from CQC reports has provided little if any improvement for vulnerable people or staff ) – had been applied to the community support/health prevention – Ergo ? fewer vulnerable people – especially those with no family to give their health timely oversight – may die/have died ( and unrecorded?) – and pressure on care and beds would have been reduced..

      And SHFT reputation would not be quite so tattered ?
      Not science ?

  2. and..
    …some one stop her spending more gazillions of our health care cash ……on lawyers fighting the BBC?

  3. You get a job as a CEO and then spend £5m getting someone to tell you how to do it?

    These colossal fees to “consultants” are scandalous. Lots of gravy and profits at the top, the things that matter starved.

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  5. an invitation to feedback ‘warnings’ at the end of the day was issued in fairness and yet there were none ? and the cost closer to six million pounds than five. Full blown scandal and the expose is surely in its infancy.

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