Harry Potter and the Dumbledouble* scandal

Ok, starting with a hands up that I ain’t read any of the HP books or seen any of the films. I am surrounded by people who have and have (Richy Rich excluded).  Anyway this (for me) very topical post came about because during a big lunchtime discussion about HP yesterday, I mentioned that one of the Hometowny ‘burb characters (see Chicken bone man) was in the first HP film. Rosie had met him ten years ago when he opened their new primary school building.

This caused some considerable disbelief around the table and led to one person, in particular, lets call him Adam, questioning the veracity of the tales I tell more generally. I’ll let a section of the long facebook discussion that followed fill in the next bit of the story;

Adam, as you can see, refused to accept this exchange as proof so I was forced to investigate further and find evidence from the local paper that the geezer had been Richard Harris’ stunt double in the film.  ‘Ha! That’ll learn ya’, I thought. The facebook exchange continued, with the debate over whether or not he was the ‘real’ DumbleD becoming more heated. We can leave that at this point.

Later yesterday, some of Rosie’s mates came round for a year book photoshoot.  In amongst all the laughing, posing and general chitter chatter, the Dumbledouble scandal came up.

WHAT?” said Aisha, horrified as I filled her in on the afternoon’s research.  “What do you mean? Stunt Dumble? He was Dumbledore.” “Well, erhem, yes…well, yes and no….” “Well he was when he was on the screen,” said Becky, pragmatically. “But probably just his back or something”.

“But I’ve still got the mug he signed,” said Aisha, clearly upset. “We all queued up and met him”.

I wish you and your loser mates would stop discussing it on fb, mum”, said Rosie. “I’m copied into every post”.

Now and then...

* Credits: Thanks to Jo Kidd for the Dumbledouble quip.

Update: Ooops, it was Doubledore not Dumbledouble…

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