Clutter: the desk drawer

Righty-ho. I’m starting a new blog category: clutter. This is partly because I received a lot of blog love about my first clutter post (see here). It’s also because I’m wondering if documenting my de-clutter journey may be the motivation I need to actually de-clutter. (If it’s not, I’ll just delete the posts and category).

A few ground rules:

1. The before pictures are undoctored with nothing added or removed (my Knots Landing box set, propped up next to my computer screen, is glaring at me right now but nothing added/removed is the rule).

2. The after picture will be the outcome of all my own work.

3. I realise a lot of people would rather sit in a bath of cat sick mixed with belly button fluff and toe nail clippings than read about clearing out years of rubbish, so I’ll flag up in the title if it’s a clutter post. But you gotta read ALL the other posts that aren’t about clutter.

So here we go.  The desk drawer.

Whoo hooo!!!! What a transformation! And quite painless really.  Quite a lot of rubbish (out of date bank cards/empty pastic bags, old wires from defunct printers, etc) and some treasures that you can spy in the neatness that now exists. My favourites; a first generation ipod, two cine films from the overland trip (see here) that need to be developed (23 years later), a little hand crafted panda envelope from our little friend who has moved back to Japan and a ‘my little dinosaur’ with a yellow quiff.

Going to have a rest now.

3 thoughts on “Clutter: the desk drawer

  1. Hahaha! I almost added a comment about the front room table to my FB memory share this morning, but shame got the better of me! #JusticeforLB needs another crafting project to spur me on! I did do a spot of clearing in the garage a couple of weeks ago, then more than a spot in the cellar so that Rob could get at his trains….. However… the tables are another story! Huge admiration for going public on clutter – I wouldn’t dare😂 Xxx

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