Clutter: an easy win

After yesterday’s spectacular fail (see here), I’ve revised my de-clutter strategy and now reduce, rather than just re-arrange.  That is a lot harder and I’m struggling to part with all sorts of things that I KNOW I don’t need to keep… but….I’m trying.

So today, it was the turn of the kitchen noticeboard-shelf-thingy. Quite good, I think? I’ll also pay those cheques in today so that’s a double win.

I then turned to my clothes (I realise this is a bit of a random de-clutter strategy but it’s to try and reduce the boredom de-cluttering holds for me).  I (sort of) applied the well known ‘not worn for two years and OUT’ technique.

Here are the victims. So long fuckers! I never wore you enough to keep. Sob.

6 thoughts on “Clutter: an easy win

  1. Have you taken them to the charity shop yet, because if not, I want dibs!

    Oh, except I’ll have to declutter my wardrobe to make room and…..*sigh*

  2. You are a genius! This would not result in a net loss of clothes but you would wear the new clothes at least once, which would then allow them to be legitimately kept and therefore they would no longer be clutter.

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