The rubbish tooth fairy

Tom’s tooth fell out yesterday.

“I’d better put it under my pillow”, he said. “But I hope there isn’t any more tooth fairy rubbishness…”

“Wha? What do you mean Tomo?”

“You know. There was that time she didn’t come. Then about two nights later she came, left a pound and the tooth. And then there was the time she took the tooth and didn’t leave a pound…”

“And there’s the tooth she left in the bathroom on the travel plug for about three months…” chipped in Richy Rich.

“Oh,” I said, “I hadn’t noticed that”.


2 thoughts on “The rubbish tooth fairy

  1. There I was thinking your clutter rants were probably a bit of an over-exageration – your house doesn’t look that bad. I take back the thought – 3 months on the travel plug adapter!!
    I tried to order baby teeth once – i had 2 little milk teeth pots (colour coded) – one had quite a lot in it, the other very few. Realised i must have been filing them incorrectly or summink (they often hung around perched on shelf edges – but out of sight – b4 being filed), thought it seemed a bit unfair, and rashly divided them equally between 2 pots.

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