LB and the fashion police

LB and clothes. Well that’s been a bit of an interesting and insightful journey so far.  Like his use of space (hanging out in the swing bin or sleeping on bookshelves), his choice of clothes has been unusual. Consistently unusual.

When he was about three, he was given an Early Learning Centre police tabard thingy. You put it over your head and it had elastic on the sides.  He wore that regularly for years and years and years. He wore it for so long, it ended up more of a bib than a tabard. But he loved it. After the first six months or so, he accessorised it with a pair of bright orange, plastic bins and a baseball cap. Especially on days out or trips of importance. Like the time the psychologist was forced to see him because he was off sick on the day of the appointment. Or on holiday…

One Summer, he took to wearing a plastic shower cap, his coat and a pair of goggles round his neck.  We had a big family holiday in France and he wore this outfit regularly.

I always loved the certainty with which he chose these togs, even if we got a lot of funny looks when we were out anywhere, because it was him making the choices and acting on them.  Much of his life, like a lot of crazy dudes like him, doesn’t involve an awful lot of choice or agency.  This is sad because his choices of space and outfit make me think that a lot of the choices made for him probably aren’t that relevant to him.

These days he’s more conservative; a sort of jeans/Eddie Stobart hoodie type of dude. (But he detests David Cameron).

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