The missing money and the ipatcher

Back from work this evening and, as agreed with Tom, start investigating why Sims 3 isn’t working. The ipatcher keeps quitting before it installs. Yep. That’s what I’ve been told. And the challenge is on.

I google ‘ipatcher and Sims 3’.  Read a load of geek talk on forums (plus stories of Sims characters becoming sad and melancholic when the game is updated). Turns out to be a common fault. I follow some instructions and set the ipatcher to install again.

LB comes in from Kids Club with Richy. He looks a mix of smiley and edgy. Smedgy. I read his diary for some clues. Ah. He was supposed to go and pay for some hot chocolates at the farm he works at on Friday. Today the farm said he hadn’t paid.  No sign of the £5.60.

His teacher wrote; When Sue asked LB he said “Glen had it to pay for repairs on a lorry. Finders keepers”. Any info? (He did pay for Donna’s hot choc though..he he!)

“Ok, LB. Money and hot chocolate.
What happened to the money for the hot chocolate?”
“Dunno  Mum.” Laughing.
“Where is it?”
“Dunno Mum.” More laughing.
“Now this is serious, LB. You paid for Donna’s hot chocolate?”
“Yes Mum.”
“Well what happened to the £5.60?”
“I lost it Mum.”
“Whaddayamean you lost it? How?”
Mum!! The ipatcher’s crashed again!!!” shouts Tom.
“It blew away Mum.”

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