Frankie, Benny, Kevin and Terry

Part of LB’s new care package includes a 12 week course with a buddy. This buddy will take him out and about, to help him increase his independence, encouraging appropriate behaviour round the ladees and road safety.  I told LB this morning that Terry, his new buddy, would be coming to meet him this evening, then promptly forgot about it.

5pm. Terry turns up. Richy did the introductions while I sorted out the dogs, then Richy left.

“Well, LB. I’m going to be taking you out after Christmas. What sort of things do you like doing?” said Terry,cheerfully.
“Do you like bowling?  Or maybe Frankie and Benny’s for an ice cream?”
“LB don’t be rude. Tell Terry what you like doing?” I interjected, frustrated.
“Er, do you like going on the bus, LB? Or maybe you like going to the cinema?”
“Yes, LB?”
“Where is Terry, Mum?”
“What do you mean? This is Terry.”
“Er, no I’m Kevin….”
“Oh. Are you? Crap. Sorry, I thought you were called Terry. LB this is Kevin who is going to take you out. I got his name wrong.”
“I like bowling, Frankie and Benny’s for an ice cream, going on the bus and going to the cinema.”

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