LB and the Co-op

Well, as I updated earlier, the dreaded annual review was a surprisingly productive meeting today. Depressing moments as expected but some other suggestions too. Like let LB shop in the Co-op on his own.


His teacher was very reassuring about this. They’ve been working on shopping smarts  at the local Asda and LB is now able to find different products and work the U-scan.

“Make sure you tell him you want a receipt,” she said, cheerfully, “So he doesn’t walk out without paying…”


So. Deep breath and we head to the Co-op. I give LB his shopping instructions – semi skimmed milk and a newspaper – and a £5 note. I tell him I’ll wait at the entrance.

Off he went. With a serious demeanour.  He missed the newspapers on the way in but two items was probably a big ask. He disappeared up the aisle towards the milk fridge. I sat on a chair by the U-scan.

Eeek…. Scary times indeedy…. I was like a meerkat, determined not to get off my seat, but turning to check the entrance to the supermarket while scanning the aisles for him. Minutes ticked by.  No sign.  I was jiggling up and down on the seat, terrified I’d missed him leave the shop. It was quite busy. Door/aisle/door/aisle/door/aisle/door/aisle/door/aisle..Should I shift my chair over to the centre of the entrance, I wondered to myself?

At last. He appeared from the booze aisle (way to go LB). He was still walking seriously, holding the £5 note in one hand by the tiniest corner. No milk.

“Hold the money tightly”, I shouted at him, silently. He disappeared down the home baking and bakery aisle, money flapping.

Again, several minutes passed. The assistant manager looking after the U-scan kept turning to look at me. Despite being a regular, I think I was tipping into a dodgy behaviour category with my fidgeting and longevity sitting on that chair.

Some local secondary school kids ran out of the shop, giggling. Crap. Have they picked his money off the floor? Or swiped it from his hand????? I tried to distract myself, remembering when Green Dragon worked in here. He was nowhere to be seen this evening. Then I saw LB. He emerged from the toiletries aisle, holding the milk and the £5 note.

Way to go LB! He speeded up and made a beeline for the newspapers he’d walked past on the way in. It was a Chariots of Fire moment. The boy was on fire. He picked up the right paper and made straight for the U-scan.  First U-scan was broken but that didn’t stop him. The second U-scan was working and, with a little bit of help from the assistant manager, he scanned, paid, collected his receipt and his change.

Well. What can I say?

The dude did good. Bloody good.

With many thanks to Vicki, Sue, Tina (and Henry)….

6 thoughts on “LB and the Co-op

  1. We were very very proud at school and were eager to here the outcome of the shopping trip. LB went to Asda today with Post-16 and we gave him some spring onions to find and he did this completely independently, all ready for our savoury pancakes tomorrow 🙂

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