Playing games

Now. I ain’t no politician. And I don’t claim to know an awful lot about the structure and process of British politics. Well, barely anything really.

But I do know that, unless you are an exceptional person, if you have the life experience of – very rich family, public school and Oxbridge education (most likely studying PPE) and straight into politics – you ain’t really going to know diddly squit about anything other than being very rich and privileged. Nothing.

With that wealth and privilege, particularly in good old class ridden Britain, comes power and corruption. Chucked into the mix, probably (I’m guessing here) developed through the complex interaction of low level bullying, scorn, misplaced values, warped emotions and nastiness that operate in posh boarding school environments, is a disdain, fear and intense loathing of different kinds of people. Particularly the good-for-nothing lower classes.

That appears to make it straightforward (and enjoyable?) to introduce measures penalising poor, sick and disabled peeps, and rewarding your mates. With fist bumping and table thumping, Cam, Giddy and the gang have delighted in ignoring public opposition, dismay and horror at some of their ‘reforms’, made up their own rules as they’ve gone along and operated at unimaginable levels of disregard. Cam’s election manifesto was to ‘change Britain for the better’. Er, yep. For the select few.

I originally thought that Cam’s experience of having a disabled child would have given him some insight and understanding. A different kind of experience. One less shiny and more life affirming. But no. It seems that protective veneer, the one that comes with an ‘elite upbringing’ is more robust than I thought.

So, as none of the key players are exceptional people in any positive sense of the word, we’re left with a government who enjoys playing games really. Because they’ve never really left the playground.

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