Yenworthy and Simon Mayo

“Mum, am I going to Yenworthy, Mum?”
“Yes, LB.”
“Mum, I love Yenworthy Mum.”
“I know, LB. Do you know how I know?”
“Because I’ve told you 25,000 times, Mum.”
“Yes, LB.”
“Mum, when am I going to Yenworthy, Mum?”
“In June sometime.”
“Mum, am I going on Monday, Mum?”
“No, not this Monday. But a Monday in June.”
“Mum, when is June, Mum?”
“In about two months time. We’ve got April and then…”
“…March, Mum.”
“No, then May, then June.”
“Mum, I hate Simon Mayo, Mum.”
“I know you do.”
“Mum, I think he should get sacked, Mum. He’s so boring, Mum.”
“Mmm.. Where would he work if he got the sack?”
“In Tesco’s Mum. On the checkout Mum.”
“Yes, LB?”
“Mum, do you like Simon Mayo, Mum?”
“He’s OK. A bit boring sometimes.”
“Yes, LB.”
“I love Yenworthy, Mum.”


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