I’m keeping this short.  I find it so upsetting I get that lump in the back of the throat thing and then tears, comparable to the recent downpours we’ve been having, start chucking it down my cheeks. Coverage of the recent independent report into the abuse of learning disabled people living at Winterbourne View care home institution by Margaret  Flynn* can be found here. We now know that there was a raft of factors (big surprise) detailed in the report that contributed to the barbaric and inhumane treatment of people who are pretty much defenceless. I won’t rehash them here, but just  quote this;

Andrew Havers, medical director of NHS Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire Primary Care Trusts, said: “Many of the systems that could have prevented the shocking abuse of patients at Winterbourne View hospital failed.

Yep. The systems failed. As they always do. And nothing changes. There will be hundreds more Winterbourne’s. Happening now and in the future. Our children, your children, future children, will be beaten, humiliated, abused, exploited, overlooked, neglected, teased, tortured and toyed with. Through systemic failure. On so many levels.

I tweeted a comment this afternoon about the fuss that was caused by the cat being chucked in the wheelie bin that time. I didn’t mean to compare human with animal abuse at all. I just wish that cases like Winterbourne produced the same level of outrage among people because until they do, I can’t see much changing.

Anyway. That’s all really. Other than I’m really learning the meaning of a heavy heart.

*Contrast this with Louise Casey’s tripe if you can be bothered.

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