Carer Assessment

The long awaited Carer Assessment form turned up recently. Regular blog readers will know that I’ve been a bit confused about this assessment, and wasn’t really sure if I’d had one or not. Given that LB is 17 and it was introduced over five years ago, I thought I probably had really [must have surely…?], but I hadn’t.

So. A Carer Assessment turns out to be an A4 piece of paper with statements and prompts on both sides. No instruction, no guidance, just a piece of paper. Not sure I need to say much really. It kind of speaks for itself. I’ll just flag up the bottom of the page (pictured) ‘Any financial problems‘ section, which has got no space to write anything other than ‘yes’ or ‘no’ but includes the helpful prompt; ‘Are you receiving the right state benefits for example?‘ Er, you tell me matey,  And mention my favourite prompt under the ‘How you feel about continuing to care’ section on page 2; What would happen if you couldn’t care any longer?‘ Er, you tell me matey.

Not sure which dozy bunch came up with this ‘assessment’ but if I was marking it as a student assignment, it would get a big, fat fail.


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