The Unit. Day 2

Got a call this morning to say that LB had slept ok, up very early, had asked for toast and was about to have a bath. Fab. I went along an hour later and hung out in the lounge. Heart radio was playing some good music, I had my ipad and art therapy was happening in the dining room with two OTs. Very chilled. It’s so important to be able to hang out in the same space as him. LB’s key nurse, K, came and filled me in with more info and got more info about LB, especially his likes.

“Oh and he’s pretty interested in Ireland, or the Emerald Isle as he calls it.”
“Ah, that’s good, I’ll tell him I’m Irish.”
“Blimey are you?”
“Yes, I lived there till I was 10.”
“We’re laughing then…”

It was all very relaxed. LB appeared eventually, clean, calmer and seemingly a bit more at home.

Later that afternoon he was sectioned again. Section 2, which involves a team of doctors assessing him led by the psychiatrist who discharged him a week or so ago. [Cough cough]. Section 2 lasts 28 days (though it can be withdrawn with good behaviour).

We turned up this evening to hear that he’d got very distressed at first, because he wants to go home, but had calmed down after a small amount of sedative. K was just telling him about his rights, with a patient information form. This detailed his right to a tribunal and gave information about the legal process, solicitors and the Law Society. We chatted to him about the party we’ll have when he gets home, with special guest, Chunky Stan. He chuckled. As we left, he was bouncing down the corridor, clutching the information sheet, calling for his legal team to start the appeal process.

Happier times.

3 thoughts on “The Unit. Day 2

  1. Dunno what to say. Sending you lots of love. Have you thought about setting up a JustGiving page connected to your blog? I know it doesn’t solve ‘the system’, but it might help you personally, and moreover, be massively, politically poignant?! :/ xx

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