The end of Section 2

So, it’s the early hours of day 28. The end of Section 2. (I don’t know the language/ways in which we should be talking about this, so apologies if I’m being crass.) LB’s now been detained for 28 days.

I’m awake, worrying, agitating. I know, through a kind of detective work and realisation of strategic positioning, that LB isn’t going to come home tomorrow. But I don’t know that for sure. Here’s what we have to go on;

        1. It’s unlikely he’ll be sectioned tomorrow because he’s chilled out.
        2. The mental capacity team (who are???) are likely to decide he lacks capacity to return home. Apparently they were going to pitch up this afternoon. WHO ARE THEY??????
        3. No one has been in touch with us to discuss him coming home. No one? Like who???

This uncertainty is so upsetting, distressing and wearing. So outside of what you’d expect to experience within mainstream health experiences (I hope).

There is a bizarre, almost sleight of hand thing that seems to be going on;

LB is an adult, so back off and let him decide what he wants, you pushy, good for nothing parent, you…

… er,we’ve reached a bit of an impasse, can we just call you in for a quick discussion about x/y/z to do with LB?

We’ve pootled along for 18 years, bringing up LB with his brothers and sister. Suddenly he’s been given additional powers to make decisions about his life, when a) his sibs discuss their big life decisions with us and b) he doesn’t necessarily have the ability/competence to make those decisions. Why is he given a special pass to decision-making that the other’s aren’t? Why is the starting point with dudes like LB that the intention of parents, carers of learning disabled people are somehow suspicious?

I don’t know the mental capacity team who are assessing whether or not LB is able to make the decision to stay in the unit. From what I’ve read, this team should include a family member; maybe my comments about his capacity in two team meetings count towards this assessment. I don’t know.  I don’t expect that many of them are awake right now, thinking about this. Worrying about this. Thinking about LB. I know that none of them know him like we do. That’s what I really don’t understand.

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