The Unit. Day 30

Rich visited LB yesterday. Apparently LB was withdrawn, not very communicative and didn’t want me to visit. He said I should ring the unit today. I rang this evening on the bus home from work. Blimey. He wanted me to visit.

I jumped in the car as soon as I got home and whizzled round there. He was OK. Been in his room all day (after a good day at Trax on yesterday), quiet and a bit subdued. The nurse came in with a plastic kidney shaped dish with a cup of water and pot of pills. Funny because you forget it’s a hospital really. LB carefully drank the full cup of water, put the cup back on the tray then picked up the pills to swallow. Love him.

So, as far as we know, he’s a voluntary patient. He’s going to the farm tomorrow with Sue and his class. And hopefully getting back to the chill pill he was on Monday morning. That’s pretty good really.

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