The Unit. Day 45

From yesterday. Bit-post. Unfinished through lack of words:

LB attacked a staff member at dinner time tonight. Unexpectedly. For no apparent reason. After some careful but excessive sauce action (tomato and brown) on his plate. This lead to restraint, more restraint and medication. The situation was explained to me carefully in detail when I turned up an hour or so later. 

“Er, can you claim for your shirt?” I asked his key nurse, inanely, after my other questions were answered (but left unanswered because there aren’t answers). 

There are also no words really to make any sense of this, without falling back on jargon and social care speak. 

I saw LB briefly after the debrief (and ripped shirt). He was in his room. I was armed with an alarm. He didn’t say much, just muttered really. I rang later that evening to see how he was, and the support worker (love her) went upstairs to check on him.

“LB, your mum’s on the phone. She just wants to know that you’re ok.”
“Can I get you a drink or anything?”
“What would you like?”


7 thoughts on “The Unit. Day 45

  1. Oh, dear. He seemed to be doing a lot better. I guess there maybe some triggers that need to be identified?? I spend most of my day saying, “I don’t know”, perhaps you do too.

  2. hope he has a better day today but think the clue is he does not want to be there any more but does not know how to articulate this for himself he probably wants your cooking and chunky stan at his feet while he eats dinner……(DO YOU LIKE IT HERE ASKS RICH…..NOT REALLY.I supose its easier to get cross over different sauces if you have choice but not the tools to help you with the important things in life, that mum has always helped you with untill you turn eighteen and people who don’t really know you think you should have the right to do nothing ……. even though some routine keeps you really grounded and focused especially at crisis times. Sent with hope for better times ahead watch your posts with great interest, have great repect for you and your family love Annx

  3. Dear Sara I feel strongly LB MEDICAL TEAM should be asking him if he wants to go to the farm for half a day or whole day not if he wants to go at all ? I feel a reward system like a bus tour at the end of a week taking active part in things would help LB resume activies……a longer term goal could be a trip to London when he is feeling much better I realise I am not a medic but I know fresh air activiy excercise and meeting people all aid recovery along side meds. I wonder if Lb would enjoy taking the 280 to wheatley to meet everyone to go to the farm. Maybe this person centered approach may cut out the need for to much intervention ( which I understand is needed occasionally to keep everyone safe,but we don’t want it becomming the normfor LB). Best wishes Annx

    • You’re absolutely right Ann 🙂 they need to change the choices offered. He went to the farm on Friday which is fab, but not sure why he agreed to go…x

  4. I am really pleased to hear that it would be nice to know if it was the appproach that made the difference or if he just new it was good for him. Here’s hoping many more steps in the right direction for LB hope he has a good week the weather is good for being out and about I hope he can take advantage of it. I am wondering if work on feelings and emotions in an age appropiate way might help at the moment to eliminate the build up of stress and aniexty…..Annx

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