Wordgames and DoLs

I got a call yesterday evening, after visiting LB. Awkward, awkward, awkward. The ensuing discussion erased any memory of the guy’s name or credentials but he’d been in to assess LB that afternoon to decide whether he was being deprived of his liberty or restricted in his movements.


He was surprised and shocked we knew nothing of this visit especially as he knew we were going to visit LB shortly after his visit.


His assessment involved conversations with LB and two staff members, and his conclusion was;

  • LB is restricted but not deprived of his liberty because he isn’t trying to abscond when out of the unit, is offered regular options to leave the unit on outings (which he regularly turns down) and hasn’t said he wants to leave. Although he did tell the guy he didn’t want to be there. Conclusion: apart from the locked door, there is nothing stopping him leaving.  


He wanted to know what I thought about this.

Wordgames. That’s what I thought about it. Wordgames, spin and nonsense.

4 thoughts on “Wordgames and DoLs

  1. Firstly you should have been envolved or informed of the meeting secondly Lb should have had a representative that really understands him listening and recording questions and answers because with some learning disability the understanding and comprehension is not there even though to a stranger it can seem a balanced conversation with understanding on all parts….

  2. who’s asking what’s best for LB is this treatment working are there other alternatives
    out there we should be trying are we just containing a situation short term. what are the long term goal’s….

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