Just a quick update to say that I won’t be blogging about the investigations into LB’s death (as much as I’d like to). The process has to be followed without me butting in publicly every five minutes, ranting and raging. Wearing out swears and expletives. The time for that will be later. I’ll just say that I find it slightly ironic in a good way, that the dude who had so much faith in his legal team while he was alive, now has a superb team* fighting his corner.

He would love that.


*Thanks to the support of the charity Inquest, a brilliant organisation.

2 thoughts on “Update

  1. Hi, I am so sorry you now have to go through this awful but important and essential investigation. It needs to be done but how hard for you all. I understand why you are not going to write about this in your blog but wanted to say that when my brother was in hospital in the six weeks run up to his death I found it incredibly helpful to write down exactly how I was feeling, warts and all. Don’t blog it, but it may help to still write it? It often felt like a real release, taking my anger out on the page instead of on those around me who were in an equally dark place at the time. Thinking of you. xx

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