Relief and charades

The Trust have commissioned an independent investigation into LB’s death. It will be done by an organisation with an excellent reputation. This is an immense relief to us. Thank you.

For the first time really, since LB died in July, we can sit back and just think about him.

So here’s a little seen photo of him shopping in Asda with the 6th form, in the months before he went into the unit.


And a funny memory from when he was younger. Playing charades one Christmas.

LB’s turn. Bouncing up and down, almost bursting with excitement.

“A film”, he said, with some cheeky prompting.
“A film!”,  we all chorused.
“One word!”
“One word!”, we all chorused.
“TITANIC!!!!” he shouted. With a beaming smile that would melt your heart. Love him.

18 thoughts on “Relief and charades

  1. Thrilled for you – Imagine this is because of you and your trojan efforts which shouldn’t have to happen..but hey…result! Hope they are rigorous, robust and thorough and expose the issues…

  2. Wow! that is fantastic news and all credit to you for fighting your son’s corner! I hope you get some answers and some serious changes put in place for other young people.

  3. This is how it should happen, good news and fantastic news would be that you would still have your son. I hope now you get justice xx

  4. Yayyy Sara ! but how rancid . I think of you every day and I tell anyone who will listen what happened. A Lovely gorgeous photo X

  5. Great news Sara! Hope things start to move along smoothly and with sensitivity.
    I just knew the answer to LB’s question before I got there!! ….. And did you know …… They’re building a new Titanic……. ” but this will be a sailing ship mum, not a film ship!” Ah the world of the literal thinker! Autism rules ok! Xx

  6. I’m a terrible cynic. I really wonder if the Trust could, politically, have done anything else right now –*. And I can’t help speculating that, absent the current political pull on LD/ATC issues, whether they would ever have ceded an independent enquiry.

    * Warning, this contains some potentially very distressing passages for anyone who has had to do with an Assessment and Treatment Centre.

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