And the bus was full…

It’s LB’s birthday tomorrow. His 19th. The local bus museum he absolutely loved agreed to open especially for us to have a celebration today. Staffed by volunteers. We mentioned it to people if we saw them. Emailed the odd person in a piecemeal way. Kind of left it really. Such a sad thing. This week has been particularly difficult. It’s almost impossible to make sense of a date that’s so hugely symbolic, that holds so many memories over so many years, when your child has died.

A right sad old time.

Anyway. My mum and big sis took over the organisation of tea and cakes. People came. They loved the eccentric and quirky museum. And the vintage double decker bus was full for a drive around the countryside. A genuine sense of celebration and fun.

Oh, and we passed the tiny woman with the chair on the bus journey. Yes. Really. Miles from anywhere. Weirdly magical.

So happy birthday matey. We love and miss the socks off you.


10 thoughts on “And the bus was full…

  1. Truly a memorable day lovely he would have loved it hope he was looking down on us all happy birthday my mate xx

  2. Thinking of you tonight, and tomorrow
    And so will so many people who do not know you, but know of you,
    And think of you more often than you could imagine.

  3. Thanks for a wonderful day -our son loved the bus ride- he just had to sit as near to the driver as he possibly could and shouted with excitement.
    It was very poignant to know that LB would have loved that day and would have been totally in his element, but it felt good that we could share his passion for buses. It was a day that surprised us with the sheer happiness of the young people enjoying it and for me to feel I was part of a group that accepted and celebrated young people like LB and my son.It felt like an enormous group hug on the bus for LB.

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