A bloody brilliant celebration

Today we went to the farm where LB and his classmates worked every Monday and Friday. For a celebration. LB loved working at the farm. He loved being outdoors and was very much an attention to detail/grafter type dude – an ideal combination in that environment. He also loved the homemade pasty and hot chocolate at the end.

Sue and Tina, two of the Charlie’s Angels, had been planning this celebration for weeks. We knew they’d organised a bench in LB’s memory but had no idea they’d organised such a fab do. Meticulous planning, thoughtfulness and love for LB shone through.

And the sun shone too.

The beautiful bench was in the small orchard where LB often worked. A bus plaque had been made by Wheatley Park school and a lovely collection of photos of LB working at the farm were on display. Including a picture of him gardening there three days before he died (pic below the plaque). His classmates had all drawn pictures for him (several with buses) that were displayed along the fence. Tina said a few words and read a message from a classmate who couldn’t be there. He said how he missed LB and how quiet it was without him, love him. Then we released brightly coloured balloons with tiny pictures of LB (eating a pasty at the farm) attached to the strings. Moving and lovely.


ryan5-465 ryan5-464

We walked back to the farm and had pasties and hot chocolate in the sunshine. They’d even arranged vegetarian pasties.

LB would have loved it. And I’m beginning to think Charlie’s Angels should take over running the country.



I’ve cut the heads off the bench photo but will include them if people are happy to be shown. 

4 thoughts on “A bloody brilliant celebration

  1. Such a lovely way to remember your beautiful boy . Finally, something to warm your broken hearts .I’m so glad they gave him such a lovely well planned celebration .Love the bench & plaque . Sending hugs

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