The day of the report

ryan5-39And so it arrived. Not too long to wait despite our cranky doorbell ringing randomly at 6am, catapulting us into meerkat like ‘waiting for the courier’ activity. A long four hours or so but we’d been waiting six months.

Rosie posted ‘Remember the good times today…’ on my fb page. With a link to the Beatles.

I did. Eventually.

Here’s a photo from our last family holiday in Wales in 2010. Bag of sweets and a bus magazine. And LB in his beloved Chinatown.

Happiness, sunshine and Olympia Horse of the Year show years.


7 thoughts on “The day of the report

  1. I’ve been thinking of you today, keeping my fingers crossed that the report has helped you in some way and answered some of your unanswered questions. Painful stuff xxx

  2. As I drove my daughter around her favourite spots around Oxford on this damp Saturday I thought of you lots I wondered what kind of a day it has for you all . I hope the report was something you felt was worthy of all the dispair ,heartache and grief & hell you all have been through during these dark . I so hope there will be some accountability and someone will take responsibility for the sad and tragic loss of your gorgeous boy . Your photos are truly lovely . Rosie has the right idea . Remember the good times ……

    • Thank you all.. The report (confidential at the mo) has produced nothing we didn’t know. That doesn’t make things any easier but reduces what we need to ‘fight’ about. Of course, if we strip it all back and look at what happened, there is nothing that any report needed to say. It was pretty bleeding obvious.

  3. Still reading your posts, still weeping for you all at the loss of your ‘dude’, still hoping that one day one honest person will stand in front of you and say ‘I’m so sorry. It was me that should have been watching him.’

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