The meeting cont. [with learning/explanatory notes]

“It appears that there may have been some misunderstanding regarding the purpose of the meeting on Thursday. Prior to our discussion yesterday, my client had not been aware that your client was not intending to put any concerns about the accuracy of the report to [investigators] in writing [1]. My client had understood that your client would have provided comments to [investigators] prior to the meeting, and that the meeting would be helpful for our clients to discuss any outstanding concerns [2].

My clients agree that if the purpose of the meeting is as an opportunity for [investigators] to explain their conclusions and the reasoning behind the comments within the report, with both of our clients in attendance to raise any queries or concern, that it would be a helpful forum to achieve this [3].

On that basis, we would like to extend the offer of the meeting taking place as arranged with [investigators] in attendance [4].

[1] Point for future interactions with families; make it clear you are expecting this. We got the report about a nano second before you expected us to meet to discuss it. We’re in a space of intense grief (made worse by reading the report) and have full time jobs. We can’t, realistically, second guess your assumptions or deliver written reflections within such a timescale.

[2] Mmm. This doesn’t really explain why the investigators were dropped off the invitee list on Monday. Not sure how outstanding concerns could effectively be dealt with, without the investigators present.

[3] Er, wasn’t this the original point of the meeting? [Note to new solicitors: we’ve had seven months of this sort of shit now. Please keep spin/crap to a minimum or ditch altogether].

[4] Very  kind of you but we will meet the investigators alone tomorrow to discuss the content of the report*. We’ve given this a lot of thought but can’t see what meeting with Southern Health will achieve/do? for us at this point. Other than causing us more distress.

*We’re going without our solicitor because all this mucking about, as always, racks up the legal bills substantially. I’m sure you must be aware of this.

4 thoughts on “The meeting cont. [with learning/explanatory notes]

  1. BTW I learnt today that my GP (who was CEO of Oxfordshire CCG) has been voted off the Board).Huge implications for NHS and commissioning! Not sure whats happening now but as your blog rightly identifies “you have already had seven months of this sort of shit now” and you need to be aware of what may be happening out there!
    FYI my GPs brother is Chief Inspector of Hospitals (the plot thickens)

  2. Southern Health have fairly cut off their noses to spite their faces, haven’t they? Bet they will be squirrelling around, wondering what you are saying to/hearing from the investigators.

    I’d *like* to think of SH wanting to know, yet not daring to ask. Because, of course, these things are confidential.

    Hope your meeting with the investigators turns out helpful.

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