Re-reading the draft ‘oh so confidential’ report today I was struck by some of the extracts from minutes of meetings at the unit. Nah, I thought. That can’t be right. I’d have queried that at the time, surely? This happened in a couple of places, all relating to the same topic strangely. [I couldn’t possibly say what topic… confeedentchallity and all that.]

I went back to the copies of minutes emailed to me at the time. Nope. Mine were slightly different. Missing certain bits. I cross-referenced our lovely solicitor’s meticulously detailed chronology. Nope. She was obviously reading from the same set of minutes as me.


I sincerely hope there is a simple reason for these discrepancies. I almost don’t want Southern Health to demonstrate any more shiteness. It just makes it harder to live with.

7 thoughts on “Stench

  1. there was me thinking all minutes are signed and dated as a true record at the next meeting by all parties present. but maybe im just a stickler for honesty in order to avoid Mistakes.

    is this not getting dagerously close to illegal behaviour?


    • ”getting dangerously close to illegal behaviour” up to their corrupt necks in maladministration – bad management and poor care – wilful neglect -corporate manslaughter ………Solidarity Sister…..


  2. I’m sorry to say it doesn’t surprise me at all. I expect they will come up with some hocus about protecting confidentiality, but it’s a bit thick to have sent you two sets of minutes with content removed in only one of them. You’d have thought they would be competently corrupt and cover their tracks

    • The extracts from the minutes included in the draft report are different to the minutes we were sent after each meeting, Jools. Not sure why. It wasn’t that we received two sets of minutes.

      ‘Competent corruption’ is brilliant. You’re right. If you’re going to be corrupt, you really need to do it well. Or dig a bigger hole..

  3. But if no-one with power is that keen to hold you to account, why bother? They KNOW that they can wear most relatives down, tie them in legal knots and “lessons will be learned”. (I have a friend exhausting herself trying to fight a similar battle. So unbelievably hard.)

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