In the space of a few miles

I was thinking about how so many of the posts I’ve written here relate to a small geographical area. Here’s a selection with a ‘map’ to give some idea of this. It’s good to go back to the funny times.


1. The bath and the bell
2. Lorry heaven and tea time
3. Saturday morning
4. Suing the dishwasher
5. LB and the Co-op
6. LB, the unlikely ethnographer
7. LB, Bollo and the voices
8. LB and the failed kebab
9. Taliban telecon
10. [fell outside the space limit, just beyond the JR Hospital, but included cos it’s so fab] LB and the mermaids
11. Medical spin and the sleep study
12. The EEG and the asylum
13.  “A picture of mum?”
14. The eel bus
15. The do
16. The park
17. LB, the bugs and the rubbish bin

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