Meeting Norman Lamb

Managed to meet Norman Lamb this week. In an Indian restaurant. There were some fairies working behind the scenes on this (thank you). Unfortunately, by the time I got to sit next to him, I was well into my second pint of lager [Rich and I don’t get out much these days] and hadn’t given a thought about what to say.

Ho hum.

“You know that young man who drowned in an assessment unit last summer? I’m his mum…” I started.

“Yes…I do… well, er, talk me through what happened again,” said our Norm, looking a tiny bit caught on the hoof.

“You don’t know about him, do you?” I said. “How could you not know about him?” Blubfest approaching, I started to fill him in on the briefest details but then he remembered. He did know. He’d been in a meeting where what happened was discussed that day.

And he was off. Full of rage, passion and commitment to getting people out of these terrible spaces that were considered their homes by so many commissioners, local authorities and others. By the time swears were appearing I thought ‘You’ve got it mate’ and left him to eat his curry.

“I’m sorry I didn’t immediately remember LB,’ he said, as I got up to go. “I have quite a wide remit and cover a lot of things.”

“Yeah, I understand that.” I said. “He’s the top of our list though”.

Photocredit: @georgejulian

8 thoughts on “Meeting Norman Lamb

  1. You are amazing to be able to do that and keep some coherence. I would want to shout it from the rooftops too, in the sheer agony of trying to understand how it could happen, but you are so much more effective than I think I could be.

    So glad you did not have to deal with Sloven Health platitudes. There is a sad cold comfort in wanting to stop such things happening to others, I hope. Connor’s life meant so much to you and you are making his tragic neglect have meaning too. A lot of us are grateful.

  2. Hello:) I listened to you recently on ‘You and Yours’ the other day, had not heard the story before. Thank you for sharing LB with us through your blog. Report downloaded and am reading. Please accept a massive virtual hug, very sorry for your loss.

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