Sloven depths

Another meeting with NHS England this afternoon. This did not go well. They wanted to talk pathways and processes. We wanted to talk people.

“Have any staff been suspended?” asked Rich.
“Yes”, said NHS E (2)
“No” said NHS E (1)

This was not a good start.

It got worse.

“Were the patients in the unit given counselling or support after LB died?” I asked. “It was a tiny unit so they must have witnessed what happened. And LB had a good relationship with couple of them. Were they supported?”


“Were their carers/families contacted and told about what had happened?”
“Sloven did put something on their website because, as you know the unit was closed to new patients after the CQC inspection…” (This website piece includes a sentence about how ‘staff are being supported through this [improvement process.)

Rich asked them what had actually been done rather than what potentially might happen. Nothing.

Rich left.
And I left shortly after.

7 thoughts on “Sloven depths

  1. When my son died of cancer on 12-12-12 he was a student at Oxford university. The flag flew at half mast over Balliol college and all of his peers received support. The memorial service was held at the university, as part of the pastoral support for his friends and for us. They set up a fund in his name to promote social justice and the arts because he was interested in social justice and the arts. His friends did not witness a violent death but they still received care and support from the institution which empathically engaged with their loss and sadness. It’s all about respect, empathy, decency-that sort of thing-oh yes-social justice-something John received more of than Connor did-that is just plain wrong.

    • I totally agree Nicola and I’m sorry for your loss! My son also died in hospital and the lack of respect and common decency is eye watering! Having been trawling NHS complaints for over 8 years “they” seem to rely on stigma to keep families silent!
      My heart goes out to a very brave family and we will get justice for LB……its the very least all deserve!
      I remember asking a Sevices Director “were the police called” “oh yes of course” he replied…he lied!
      Appalling ….NHS England …True Colours on display! YOU ARE SHAMEFUL!

  2. I asked the exact question about support when I met a parent whose young person was in the unit at the time of Connors death the response was no on all counts, her loved one saw Connor being taken away from the unit and was understandably traumatised.

  3. WOW – what you have exposed ! I say that with respect for your grief and hope my words do not give you more pain.

  4. In May last year a young person where my daughter lives sadly died in an epileptic fit staff were visibly shocked and upset there was the inevitable veil of silence and familiar staff no longer putting in an appearance no idea why! There was some talk of counselling for the staff I don’t know if this ever happened I know the residents needs for counselling weren’t a consideration. The parents of one young man did not find out until some time after the funeral he told his parents and compared it to another tragic incident in a house he previously lived in. His parents were shocked at not being told and sad as they would have liked to attend the funeral. My heart too goes out to each and every one of you who have lost loved ones in the care of those institutions we should be able to trust. I will continue to talk about LB and his amazing and brave family in the hope that respect and common decency will be the right to all no matter what their needs are

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