#107days and wondrousness

Three days into #107days. We have some beyond awesome events/happenings/actions lined up, with more people piling in every day with ideas and suggestions. It’s so spontaneous, lively and passionate we’re blown away. A visible indication that people are outraged by what happened to LB, angered by half arsed and sub-standard support for dudes like him and, most importantly, prepared to act in whatever way they can.

Anyway, my old pal Anne Townsend has been doing a superb job of snapping LB’s bus card in different locations in Vancouver. As I mentioned before, Anne and I met in 2004 at a conference in Vancouver. I arrived late at night to this amazing city and was struck by the kindness of the airport bus driver who went out of his way to give a young dude directions. She was clearly nervous but he got off the bus to make sure she knew where she was going. Yesterday Anne tweeted to say she’d met a lovely bus driver, photographed him with LB’s card but left her camera on the bus.


Within minutes up popped a tweet from TheWookieNutter, a drummer by night.


No way. No fucking way.


Then today, this.


Some serious bus related action. As there should be. An unlikely hero. And pure wondrousness.

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