6 days in #107

Hard to make much sense of things at the mo. This time a year ago was a bit of a ‘high’. A nightmarish situation with hope glimpses. “Three sections in as many minutes and now back to school??? Fanbloodytastic”, I wrote in a garbled, beyond hopeful and frazzled state.

A year later, two small Yorkshire villages have come together for a day of community action and collectivity involving (clearly delicious) homemade soup and friendship bracelets. Fund/awareness raising for #justiceforLB and Epilepsy Awareness Purple day.

Tomorrow promises to be hairtastic (that’s all I can say right now). And the remaining #101/107days involve an unfolding, brilliantly diverse mix of actions and events. Mark Neary continues his daily (powerful and hugely shameful) stories of Steven’s stay in an assessment and treatment unit. Today WiseGrannie cut through the ‘shame’ of nits with the super nit from the 60’s (or 70’s? Sorry WG). Daily LB bus photos are shared on twitter, @janeyouell continues running and recording her 107 kms and the letter for Connor written by Jill Bradshaw and Julie Beadle Brown from the Tizard Centre packs a punch and a half about the lack of effective action around continuing poor provision (and remains open to signatures).

Tiny, big, colourful, grey, staid, chunky, smooth, uncomfortable, funny, powerful, mundane, everyday, extraordinary, awkward, shocking, fun, definitely not fun, political, politically incorrect, simple, random, harrowing, personal, in your face, committed, joyful, loud, almost forgettable, colourful and whatever events/actions/markings are planned.

And we’re only on Day 6.

One of the hardest things around what happened to LB has been thinking, or trying not to think about, the time he spent in the unit. A black hole of unspeakable and immeasurable and incomprehensible pain. A particular space and time that smashes through and annihilates my fledgling efforts to concentrate on the good times and the complete love and joy LB both experienced and packed into his 18 years.

The #107days campaign, with its without  any recognisable “rules” set up has managed to  tip this set of days into a different space. One that (almost) makes us hopeful that meaningful change may happen. (We’re cautious here, but hey, why not?)

That LB, a dude who who loved buses, Eddie Stobart, the Mighty Boosh, watching lorries load on and off cross channel ferries, Steve Wright (let’s ignore the Simon Mayo thing) and so much more, has kick started a collective movement of outrage and determination for change, is pretty fucking cool.

Here’s to the next #101days.



4 thoughts on “6 days in #107

  1. So grateful to LB for helping me remember all the Goodies out there, each fighting the Baddies in their own way. Should this ever grow into a book, it will certainly be Connor’s book, dedicated to him and all those who made and make a difference.

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