The story so far…

After a right old craphole week, thought it was time to briefly summarise where we’re at (as far as I know). In no particular order and focusing completely on process (partly because I’m trying not to think about the big M day* tomorrow):

The police are seeking early advice from the CPS about a possible prosecution. [Keeping us informed and up to date]

NHS England are going to commission an external review into the stuff not covered within the Verita investigation (social care, mental capacity, why LB went into the unit and why no plans were made to discharge him, etc etc.) Time frame six months, terms of reference to be written. The Real David Nicholson (who has now retired and his tweets are blooming hilarious as a result) is responding in writing to the Connor Manifesto. [Keeping us informed and up to date]

Adult Safeguarding Board. Not a dicky bird since our solicitor requested a serious case review last summer. Apparently they are considering commissioning one now which may supersede the above.

Oxfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group. Chief Exec is going to answer our main question (what have they done since LB died to investigate why they continued to commission provision they historically knew to be inadequate?) by April 4th. A further set of questions (thanks to twitter contributors) will be answered on their website within 20 days. [Since I phoned him this week he is keeping us informed]

Oxfordshire County Council, Social and Community Services. Not a dicky bird. The Director responded to a letter from My Life My Choice this week. In it he says the council check the quality of services every year and lays the blame squarely at the Slovens feet.


What a load of old baloney. Anyway, sounds like the buck is currently bouncing over to Social Care Towers as they are the lead commissioner. [News via twitter]

The Slovens. My lovely big sis attended their board meeting this week in the Hampshire countryside and was swept off her feet with tea, biscuits and Katrina love. She managed to remain razor sharp and has fed back that KP was stopped in her spiel about meeting us by the Chair of the Board. He said their continual pressure on us to meet with them could be seen as pushing their agenda rather than ours and if that was the case, it would be “incredibly insensitive”. Thank fuck for a bit of sense within Slovetown. No other news other than they are under a helluva lot of scrutiny and word on the street is there may be (even more) trouble ahead.

The inquest is delayed until the various investigations are complete.

#107days. Hehe. I know this ain’t part of the official process but blow me down. What a campaign. Absolutely brilliant days so far and so much still to come. A celebration of all things dude spreading so far from Scotland down to Kent, stopping off in Yorkshire with LB buses in Vancouver, (appropriately) by the Statue of Liberty this week and more drawings on our facebook page.

*heading off on the bus to watch Fulham Everton with Rich and Tom in brazenly non M day fashion. Good call by Rich.

3 thoughts on “The story so far…

  1. Sara, you rock. Rich rocks. #JusticeforLB rocks. And I hope whichever you support of Fulham or Everton rock. Sounds like a bloody good way to spend a random Sunday. x

  2. Yes, remember tomorrow is only another day, that is all it is. Up the whites! (even though a palace supporter myself ;/ )

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