Everyday life

The fight for justice for LB is consuming. In a good way for me as it distracts from the darkest of dark thoughts. From pain I can’t go near. At the same time, there are everyday things that need to be done. Outside of emails, developments, campaign developments, bombshells, twists, turns, obstacles and the now familiar billy bullshite to deflect and challenge.

Daily life. Daily life that, for fifteen or so years, consisted of a variable wait every morning for ‘transport’ to pitch up and take LB to school. A wait in which Chunky Stan and Bess kept LB company. Chunky Stan is now blind in both eyes. A development that would have floored us a bit a year ago. When it happened, a few weeks ago, we checked tail wagging capacity, his general demeanour and moved on. He’s a hug/cuddle/sleep kind of dog dude. None of which are affected by a lack of sight. The vet was impressed by his apparently instant adaptation to a non seeing world. A straightforward shift to a different way of being.

What’s missing is LB’s forensic focus and commentary on this development. His concern and desire to repeatedly focus on this change. He’d want reassurance that Stan can’t see any more and to understand why the vet couldn’t stop this happening. He’d probably draw in a few of his favourite characters/people to (repeatedly) comment on Stan’s new situation. Vince from the Mighty Boosh, Smithy, Dirty Harry and the Chief Constable of the Metropolitan Police.

We’ve sort of incorporated Chunky Stan’s sight loss into our everyday lives without much comment. At the same time, there’s a silence that’s cavernous.

With an echo of ‘Is Stan fat Mum?’…



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