Another fine mess

I was pretty shocked/horrified to get this comment on facebook last night in response to yesterdays post about abuse in a second MacIntyre school.

Oh my god Sara things have been going horribly wrong at here for our daughter lately and we kept trying to find out what was going on no answers -so many staff jumping ship and change of carers at residential care. Much to our frustration and anger no-one was filling us in on anything but tonight I learn from your blog that this is exactly what is going on at a place where our daughter attends has left me sick to my stomach. She is about to leave here and now I just want to pull her out tonight. What the hell type of care do they call this …..I am gutted truly gutted …….

Caroline (not real name) learned via facebook that there was an investigation into abuse at her daughter’s residential school?

I noticed the increase of agency staff that had not being introduced to Jenny or ourselves. I made a complaint and was assured that it would not happen again. We are dealing with autistic people here with very complex needs and epilepsy and after everything that has happened in Slade House, I was being a complete pain in the backside about everything being monitored and who is working with Jenny when… Saturday night we rang for our usual evening update… only for the phone to be answered by a complete stranger and we could hear poor Jenny in complete distress roaring and screaming so rather than wait for the stranger to explain, we went and got her at 9.30 at night. Raging, I demanded to speak to head of care there this morning and would not leave until I saw her.

She was a complete nightmare saying “she understands” how frustrated I feel. Oh my god I lost it. “Do you? Do you really know how hard it is to have your only child in residential care only to find that she is NOT getting the care she is entitled to?” 

Still no mention as to why staff at the house were all leaving in a matter of weeks. We could not figure it out. But OCC did not let us know either. So fucking angry . My head is all over the place – I don’t know what to think. Why weren’t we informed ? Why ?

Not sure there’s an awful lot to add really. Other than the cesspit of health and social care provision for learning disabled young people and adults is clearly festering in Oxfordshire. And the positive action taken over the first MacIntyre abuse incident may have led to the second one being discovered, but some other balls have been dropped along the way.

2 thoughts on “Another fine mess

  1. This is what happens when you stir the pot. You’ve given a focus and raised awareness in OCC and parents/families & others are being alerted. But in the midst of all this, you mustn’t forget to look after yourself. Remember each person’s hurt is unique to them, despite similar experiences. We can’t really share pain, nor is it helpful to do so. The most we can do is be somebody who understands and, wherever possible, supports through sharing advice, information and joint action, but you need to care for yourself to be able to do so.

    Here endeth the sermon! Xx

  2. Sara …it would seem that their are ugly secrets
    and lies EVERYWHERE we can trust no one to care for disabled children but ourselves that is becoming the sad reality and well meaning and caring professionals are now all falling into the same boat as the bad ones .I am beyond sad at how the future looks for my daughter at this point .

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