Dog the Bounty Hunter, the LBBill and a campaign down under

I’ve been thinking today about what it’s like to deal with what we’ve been dealing with. In terms of the process/experience. Rosie’s in London with the wondrous Jack, Tom’s in Hinksey Park with his mates, Rich and Owen are playing cricket with Busker John and I did some gardening, cleared up a bit (yes, Rich, I did), had a snooze and then sat down again to do some ‘work’.

Work. Two Freedom of Information requests. And a bit more research into the complicated story around Ridgeway Trust, Sloven, shared budgets and the big takeover. Dull, dull, dull beyond dull really. But necessary work.

“Get over yourself missus, piss off out into the fresh air… have some fun!” I hear some of you mutter, understandably bored by my focus on this.

I’d love to do that. But I’ve no confidence whatsoever in the ‘process’ of getting justice and accountability for LB’s death (he died?). This no confidence is not a random, irrational position, but one built up steadily and consistently since July 4th last year. The latest revelation that LB’s  death was upgraded from Level 1 seriousness to Level 2, seven weeks after his death compounds this.

I think about LB when I do this laborious stuff. Which is quite cool. He was such a justice hound, idolising the Metropolitan Police (and Dog the Bounty Hunter). How could we not pull out all the stops for him?

So far #justiceforLB/#107days has been instrumental in the ‘making of a scandal’, the ‘making of a serious incident’ and the ‘unmaking of a cover up’ (allegedly/hopefully). It has also inspired the thinking about and beginnings of the #LBBill; a Private Members’ Bill giving learning disabled people the statutory right to be able to live in their own homes. (Bill making is in the more than capable hands of Steve Broach, Mark Neary, Neil Crowther, People First England,  Simon Duffy and an army of people/families more than ready to change things.)

It has been an absolute slog in some ways (all credit to @georgejulian for extraordinary effort, commitment and action as informal campaign manager). But it’s also been a complete delight to be part of such a joyful movement for change in such a typically negative, downtrodden and ignored area. Evidence of this joyfulness is peppered over twitter/facebook and blog posts/comments and emails, but here are some titbits from today. I can’t believe the dude made it down under…

Awesome dudereeny-ness.

twitter 1

twitter 2

twitter 3

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