The Leavers’ prom

It was LB’s Leavers’ prom when I was in Japan. All those years of waiting for the limo to turn up with the Leavers in it. Proud as punch. Some anxious at what lay ahead. The last prom LB went to was in July 2012, pretty much a year to the day he died. He was rocking cool as always. Pictured here with Maeve, the deputy head. ryan5-756

Charlie’s Angels weren’t going to stop him having his moment however. They invited us to come along to enjoy a celebration with them. Here’s the email Rich sent me later that evening;

It was a tough one but glad I went – really cool to see all the dudes having such fun and enjoying themselves. Really powerful when the limo arrived.
     Connor was so clearly absent and missed. But the Angels had put out (new) pictures of Connor and written comments from class mates and stuff on the benches in the car park – so he was there in spirit and ‘arrived’ with his peers.
     We all went into a lovely little paddock adjacent to the hall and gathered round in a big circle (around the pictures and his classmates words) and then released two big bags full of balloons (in Eddie Stobbart colours). I cried. It was really moving and very sad. But also so full of love,  so much genuine love and feeling – so much more real than the worlds we often have to be in now. The balloons all went off high and close together – fantastically mixed in all sorts of colour formations until they went out of sight. None were caught in trees or any other obstacle.
    I stayed for about an hour, met the head teacher and made sure he knew how special, dedicated and wonderful his staff are and how much they have helped and supported us.
     I spoke to lots of people, some I knew, some I didn’t. Some remembered when Will and Owen came to the prom with Connor – which was cool – I have that great picture of Will, Connor and Matthew on my desk. Connor was in everyone’s hearts but in that special way that only he could be – light, fun and loving. He was the centre of the night but in such a great and positive way – just as he would have been if he could have been there in person.
     He is still shining so bright. It felt like his smile was just there for everyone. I know it’s not much but that smile is becoming more and more the way I remember him, the vision I hold of him – I loved that smile.


And a couple of the comments from his classmates:

Connor you were always a good friend to me. I have always enjoyed my time with you, we have been through a lot together over the years from archaeology club to Yenworthy. I learned a lot of interesting facts about buses and Eddie Stobart lorries from you. You were very funny with all the jokes you told me. I would always laugh at them because they were all so good! I miss you so much Connor. It is really different and sad without you here. Morgan.

I miss you Connor. Hope you had a good time. Liam

Thank you, as always, to the Angels. xxx

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