Playing real good for free…

Justicequilt-3Another week of disturbing revelations and communications. The social care/commissioning group communications are worthy of a PhD in themselves. We’re still waiting to hear why a 6 month chunk of these are missing… though suspect it may be shoddy mcshod biz as usual. Pretty damning really that we hope for incompetence other than worse explanations. The anticipation of ‘good’ or ‘pretty good’ has long disappeared in this murky and devastating tale.

Simon Waugh (Board Chair) also responded in writing to our questions. I’m happy to park the content of his response until we’ve had a call with him early next week. In line with the anticipated/hoped for incompetence above, I sort of hope he is not fully aware of the level of the awfulness of  Sloven actions over the past few years. For those of you unable to wait for a sniff of the response, just imagine meaningless, offensive nonsense.

At the same time, this week has brought more of the good stuff. The extraordinary stuff. So many people doing things, different actions, big and small, to contribute to generating change, for justice, and a shake up of what is a rotten and rotting system. So much good work.

I lose track of how many times emails ping backwards and forwards in the justice shed just stating ‘Wow’.

And it’s all done for free. Astonishing. Wondrous. And one of my favourite Joni songs.

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