Talking board level

Justicequilt-5So. The call with the Sloven Board Chair. His answers to our questions can be read here. A lot of the call involved going through these, in turn. None of them stand up to much/any scrutiny. And little changed during the call.

A culture of I/we’ve been informed that this, that and the other happens, or is about to happen, without supporting evidence, seems to permeate Sloven Towers. And wider.

8 thoughts on “Talking board level

  1. Quite simply crap speak from the book of bollocks known only to these people. Carefully scripted and edited, with a handful of empty apologies just so they can have it on record that they have done so should the wider media be involved. You can tell I’ve dealt with them too at top level, and had similar conversations. Sorry to say this, but this is probably the best you will get from them. They have too much on their side legally speaking, we will never be able to afford to compete at their level, and they know it. We can only hope that in some twist of fate in time, someone/something other will bring them down eventually.

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