Simply not good enough

A quickie post today. Here’s our response to the Sloven Board Chair’s response to our original questions. Phew. What a plinking too and fro. (Not eased at all by speaking on the phone last week). Here’s the CEO’s original response (health warning attached to this number… not a pretty read).

Why am I weighing the blog down with such durge? Because a complete focus on self protection, disregard for grieving families and extraordinary incompetence (at best) exhibited by an NHS Foundation Trust should be a matter of public interest.

For those of you who would rather poke your eyeballs out with a sharp stick and fill your boots with raw chilli, here’s a beautiful photo of LB and classmates at school a few years ago.
LB (2)

Thanks to Graham Shaw for his contribution to this response… one of so many people pitching in because it simply ain’t good enough.

5 thoughts on “Simply not good enough

  1. An ‘absolutely right’ knob head, if ever I heard from one.

    I have learnt so much from this blog, about what’s right and what’s wrong. It’s so important that professionals get to know the detail of a tragedy like this, and how their employers respond at organisational level. It means that we can try to get stuff right in the first place….

    • Thanks ArchieBoy.. That’s good to hear. Banging this stuff out relentlessly with so far little actual change or accountability can be a bit soul seeping. You’re right. Hopefully, if nothing else, other Trusts/providers are reading it thinking ‘Oo-er… Better stop doing this and start doing that pronto’. (I couldn’t possibly comment on your first comment.)

  2. Sara don’t ever ever give up whatever they try on. The whole purpose of their communications are to wear you down. I have had 15 years of it. DONT LET THE BASTARDS GET YOU DOWN

    • Me too. No matter how serious or fatal the failings, no matter how awful the consequences on our loved one… after months ….years even, of resolute, wearying life sapping efforts, just trying to get the bastards to say ‘Ok we did it, we are bang to rights’. All we end up with is a final letter that says ‘yes very serious issues were found’ ‘No we wont tell you what we found’.( eg How dare you even ask?..who do you think you are…’) And no we wont tell you what we did’.’
      ‘Now go away’……this is the end of the matter’.. No law to protect our boys and girls, or law to fight with… justice ever. ……………………End of matter.

      • I am as far as the President of the Court of Protection, Sir James Munby, and am waiting for a reply from him. When I get this I will see if I can involve all of you out there, at the moment I have to concentrate on my son. Don’t give up

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