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  1. How bloody dare they Sara . ‘…mother’s blog may cause a risk…. ‘ it’s just too appalling for any words at all … Crap and shite don’t come anywhere close do they, they must never ever wear you down even tho it gets harder and harder. They sink further and further down that hole, justice for your precious Dude has to happen. Stay strong , we’re all with you, love Jenny xx

  2. It is shit. It is utter incomprehensible shit. That their reputation, and your blog, was considered of higher importance to them than other patients in that ATU is just, frankly, inhuman. We are all behind you. I hope in the darkest hours, that is some tiny comfort in the face of your unimaginable loss and Sloven’s frankly shocking bullshit. xx

  3. Sara this is standard practice and you are going to be targeted over and over. The attacks will get very personal and they will be ferocious. The hope is you and your family fall at the wayside as the journey becomes torture but that is not going to happen. Please keep any papers out of screen view , watch your back X

  4. Sara you will not be treated as a grieving mother of a beloved human being. The Trust don’t care today and they won’t care tomorrow. You are all that stands in the way of a whitewash. Please don’t be shocked at the grubbiness so far, it is going to get worse.You shouldn’t have to be defensive in every action you make right now but they are looking for chinks in your armour. Could you consider a plain backdrop for your video and a clear desk. It is just how it has to be, don’t underestimate the contempt the Trust has for you.

    • I suppose one positive in this is that they have not so far shown much in the way of intelligence? They are doing much more damage to their reputation themselves!

      I suppose this is another one of those words that is shifting in meaning. “Reputation” now seems to rest on how they can make things seem, not on how they are.

      The power they have rests on money – our money – for legal big guns, and the collusion of those who also do not care. It is effective – and wrong, of course – but may not result in all their problems going away this time.

    • Agree, nic. You sound like somebody who’s heard what’s said in the office. Dirty tricks INC. The worse they are at it, the more heavy handed they get. (Clever ones can get away with it by being more subtle in winning victims over to their side, buying them off with crocodile tears, sympathy, promises and bribes.)

  5. I don’t doubt for one moment that Slovens and Mz KP are solely concerned with their own reputation and intend to wear you down with indifference at best, and deliberate obfuscation at worst. That’s what the Met thought they could when dealing with another bereaved mother – and it even seemed to work at first. They know better now…

    Sloven (because we know you’re reading this) you’ve got your very own Doreen Lawrence. This mother will not stop until she sees justice. More and more people like me – a complete stranger to this mother and your organisation – are becoming aware of this case and the appalling lack of care you have shown. This campaign is snowballing and yet you still don’t get it. If you had any sense of the damage you are doing to your long term reputations you would be transparent *now* – while you still have a chance at the pretense that you are a caring organisation that just handled this situation poorly.

  6. “They” do have power, and these days, when high salaries, fancy titles, and awards are at stake, not much compunction of compassion in using it. But things are changing, and Sara, you are doing a lot for a lot of people, which given the heaviness of your grief and what you have lost is amazing. Parents like us used to be much easier to isolate and silence.

    Reading about the abuses which may have taken place in special schools, I felt some shame. There were problems in my daughter’s school, and in retrospect I did not do enough. I did trust to “reputation” and bland assurances, lost and confused. Took a long time to undo the damage that was done. Isolated, we are tired and helpless often, But a shallow concern for reputation may be no match for justified anger and several noisy voices.

  7. I agree wholeheartedly that they damage themselves with every phoney and defensive comment they make to ever justify their position. They should be on their knees begging your forgiveness and that of your very beautiful son

  8. Lets face it Southern Health’s response somehow manages to turn a tragedy into a ” How to recover from an image damaging reputation” exercise. This is an insult to any of us who have had the misfortune to have had any dealings with them. Oh and by the way Southern Health, its not working. It did not work for me in 2003, any more than it is now – no matter what name you call yourselves.

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  10. Thank you for following.my blog.

    It is worse than shit. And you are not being cynical.

    There is no accountability within the system. Look at Staffordshire. All they can do is fine the trust, and we pay the fine as taxpayers, and eventually the trust will become insolvent, which is what our present government want.

    That is why the media are disclosing all these scandals, as propaganda for privatisation, only what the government allows gets in the media.

    State care is all about risk assessments for insurance purposes. And cost effectiveness and self preservation.

    The only reason why they might now release Claire Dyer, or the other thousands of autistics in NHS hospitals, making £4,000 a week for the trust, is because a leaked to the Sunday Times 2/11 audit revealed there where 900 autistic inpatients, who no one could work out, which LA was liable to pay for. If they think they will not be paid for these patients in the future, they will be released.

    This has nothing to do with care or treatment, this is money and self preservation.

    Must go to bed now but glad I found your blog as you found mine. And your videos are a good idea Might see if I can try them.

    Light is what they fear most, and we have to get our stories out, while we can, as they gag, or induce fear by removal of contact with our children.

    They truly are mercenary, and it is all systemic, and intended by government.

    Those in the know are looked after, provided they stay on message, and there is a devide and rule policy, and the rich have their own paid care.

    Night Night


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