Sloven and the CCGs

So here’s a mid-week quizette for you. The review into deaths in Sloven provision is going to have an expert panel to “review all the information and make recommendations on any further action required”.

Do you think this expert panel will include:

(a) Experts in reviewing deaths, particularly those occurring in mental health and learning disability provision?


(b) Representatives from Sloven and the two sets of commissioners on their patch (Oxon and Hants)?


(b) Sloven and the CCGs. Sounds like a craphole Christmas No. 1.

Needless to say Meeting the Mazars was duly logged in The Little Book of Crap Meetings, under ‘Drenched with Incredulity’.

Rich walked out. After saying exactly what he thought of the death review so far. I caught the train to Glasgow.

Where it pissed down.

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