The dream

JusticequiltLast night I dreamed that Sloven Health pitched up at LB’s pre-inquest review meeting and argued that his death wasn’t unnatural or violent to avoid there being a jury at the inquest.

That they still hadn’t disciplined staff 18 months on. I dreamed that they had been surveilling my social media activity from the time LB went into the unit. And written and circulated a briefing about my blog, the day after he died. I dreamed that they didn’t pay attention to the content of the blog, other than scanning for defamation nobbling opportunities. So they completely ignored the warnings I was providing around his seizure activity.

I was kind of momentarily relieved when I woke up.  I’d been dreaming. I mean we’re talking about the NHS here. The National Health Service. A publicly funded body built on the premise of equality of healthcare for all. Not some grubby, two bit, private organisation that couldn’t give a flying fuck about people.

2 thoughts on “The dream

  1. It is sad but so true that once challenged the NHS response will be one of not giving a flying. The medicine they want you to swallow is ‘ it would have been good practice , if it had happened ‘. No mercy and no humanity if you stand your ground. You will achieve your goal because you are still able to articulate the injustice. The artful bastards will wear you ragged because they have no defense for their inactions. Wishing you a little peace from the internal rage and strength for the next round xx

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