The night before Christmas…

Delay. The last 20 months or so have been characterised by delay. In July 2014 I wrote this about Sloven delay. Last summer. A year after LB’s death.

Delay is typically a negative experience. Often frustrating and stressful to endure. In many ways it involves being forced into a space that anthropologists call liminal. Neither something nor another. No longer here but no longer there. It involves occupying a sort of hinterland of nothingness, caught between what was and what may become. Even when there’s excitement attached to delay (birth maybe) there’s still an urge and urgency to get there. Or get out of the uncertain space.

From the moment LB died we were flung into a truly foul liminal space seemingly guarded and controlled by Sloven Health and the Bevan Brittans (their legal hench team). And, through a lack of action, NHS England, the CQC, Monitor, Department of Health and pretty much anyone else who may lay claim to any sniff of power to do anything to stop em. Even an independent report, clearly stating that LB’s death was preventable and the outcome of utterly shite practice, published in February 2014, has led to no outcome. Nearly 12 months on. [Howl].

Our beautiful son drowned in an NHS bath, the facts are known and nothing has happened. How can this possibly be? Can you begin to imagine how this feels?

Delay is clearly a key Sloven tactic and I can see why. It’s a form of torture to experience. And the Slevan B’s use it relentlessly, remorselessly and effectively. I won’t rehash the myriad examples here  – these pages are weighted with em – though I gather that the second Verita investigation into the wider issues surrounding LB’s death is in the process of, er, being delayed by Sloven practice. And I don’t suppose the police are holding their breath to receive documentation they’ve requested as part of their on going investigation into LB’s death in the near future.

So yep. We’re consigned to a hellhole space of continually waiting for some two bit, crappy NHS Foundation Trust who couldn’t be arsed to check if their provision in the pesky ‘north of their patch’ was good enough quality after they allowed a young laddy to drown in the bath in one of their units, and then were indignant to be publicly chastised by failing a series of CQC inspections laying bare their crapness. Behind the scenes documents (from FOI requests) are almost hilarious around this*. The Slovens (including Simon Waugh, a Board Chair who should really be removed from post after embarrassing demonstrations of ignorance of foul Sloven practice) attended one particular meeting with Oxfordshire County Council and the Oxon CCG last year which was almost comedic in their protestations/irritation around criticism of their provision. Indignant? When the CQC revealed a Fawlty Towers type level of operation.

But of course it ain’t funny. At all.

Anyway, readers may not be surprised to hear that despite an unrivalled record in delaying all and any action, Sloven and the Bevan B’s managed to call our solicitor on December 23rd. Eh? No way?? Yep. When a lot of the country were already on their crimmy break, this bunch of complete non deliverers picked up the phone at the last possible moment before Christmas.To deliver non urgent information we didn’t need or require but which fitted their strategic and calculated approach to this process*.

A cynical, nasty, deliberate and calculated action. Designed for maximum impact and pain. (More than happy to be put straight on this, if anyone has any alternative explanation for such a bizarrely timed action). Christmas is the time of pain for any family who have experienced a bereavement and they certainly managed to put the boot in brilliantly. But Sloven certainly play the timely card when they choose (like producing a briefing on my blog less than 24 hours after LB’s death). Simply cruel. And inhumane.

Now if anyone can let us know how this bunch of fuckers can really be part of the National Health Service, please crack on.


*We only delay (haha) publishing some stuff/detail because we have to be careful/wait for advice but we will make sure that the entire story is published in time.

10 thoughts on “The night before Christmas…

  1. Ah yes…… this is a song that I know only too well “Don’t forget delay, delay – it makes the parents go away and when we’ve worn the poor sods out, we’re in the clear without a doubt”. But as they like to tell us “it’s not personal” (what a relief).

  2. The action/timing is all calculated to hurt. I used to be fascinated to watch my Aunty Betty commenting on the wrestlers Jackie Pallo and Mick McManus as a child. She would explode with uncharacteristic anger at their faux dirty tricks. Well done you for standing up to the abuse from all involved and articulating a response, I have reached the screaming ” you filthy bastards ” stage and find to my horror that I am capable of intense hatred and a desire to get each professional involved in a strangle hold with gauging of eye sockets but little else.You are keeping everything in balance and check and you will have justice.

  3. Delay and dirty tactics are what the Sloves are built on…oh and throwing a curve ball at you if you sometimes are getting nearer to the truth. The people that know me, and my 13 year story of Sloven Health experience with my son, know how very patient I’ve been. Last year alone I have been involved with Mr AH and PALS since April…and it is still going on with the revelation of my son having a long term ignored scoliosis that isn’t written into his care plan. I have been complaining of unprofessional comments and judgemental attitudes from senior management to me ( thankfully very nicely put in writing by letter and email as evidence). We have been treated unfairly and discriminated against. I can prove Sloven Health have breached the MCA 2005, and 2 court orders.
    So how do they deal with this now things are starting to hot up with my evidence……wait for it.
    They send me an undated letter on xmas eve from security management HQ, claiming that I have “used both offensive and abusive words to staff on numerous occasions”.!!!!!!!!!!!

    Apparently this will not be tolerated, and if it continues the police will be involved!!!!!. Well frankly I have no idea what they are talking about…….honest. PALS have no idea what its about either, but this is how the knife is twisted when you might be getting somewhere if your complaint is being investigated independently…kick the victim. I have told them that unless they have evidence of this abuse, then it will be treated as slander but I guess its time to call a solicitor as its bound to get nastier.

  4. I know from experience it will get nastier and nastier, accusations of abuse of your son or daughter will be passed on to the Court, you will be threatenedwith stopping all contact with them, all evidence you have will disappear, and any lawyer you employ will charge you the earth to tell you you are wrong. 15 years of experience of this and struggling.

    • Poor Shirley, so sad to hear that this type of experience is not unusual for this provider, but it is also worrying. It would seem that we all have something in common here, in that we have had some degree of slander with malicious intent thrown at us for what exactly….seeing through their disguise. How come they can legally turn on innocent concerned parents just trying to stand up for their sons or daughters rights and the law. Yes Shirley I, like you and so many others have spent thousands on legal fees in the past to get a negative result, and what turns into a victory for them. It would be very interesting to know exactly how many of us out there have had the same experience, I think we would see a pattern forming.

  5. It is nigh on impossible for a carer/parent to engage without accusations of your being vexatious . Personally I felt after a period of time that the verbal responses I received were not dissimilar to those used on errant toddlers by latter day nanny Jo Frost. To be informed ” I am ending this conversation ” or ” I can hear that you are upset, I am ending this conversation “. Written responses are all constructed with a full stop to further correspondence as standard. Worn thin with 24/7 care, isolation and sleep depravation how many are beaten down at first contact . I was only involved with LAs/ NHS trust for a decade and it was a nightmare lawless parallel world that my youngest daughter died in. Sara is a beacon of hope, I have no doubt the entire story published will bring about change, she has not/will not be silenced and the clock is ticking.

  6. Amen to all of you. We fight on because we must. When your child dies at their hands you fight on and on regardless. The idea of your fight being a “choice” is a nonsense. Sara Ryan, spark up your torch again and hold it high. Though you may be walking through a very dark valley, but you do not walk alone. None of us walk alone and the fact that we walk in such numbers is the great joy and the great tragedy of our situation.

  7. Came across this blog recently – I used to work in social care many years ago. Although tragic, not sure this was preventable – a rare event, which although tragic seems to have been interpreted with hindsight. In my experience doing this only perpetuates sadness. As a bereaved carer myself, I hope you don’t mind I speak my mind; I do hope you can find some peace though.

      • Sara
        You are truly wonderful and in the context of this blog, are a very restrained grown up lady. My reply to ‘John’ in your place, would have had expletives.
        You are a bright light…you bring all of us, whose loved ones lives and bodies have been broken on a ‘rare event’…..a new strength where there was none left and..hope and courage to keep on going…even when instead of respect and justice we are met by ignorance…and worse.

        Bless you and all of us…..and all of ours.

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