The pre-inquest review meeting (2)

Second pre-inquest review meeting tomorrow afternoon. Here’s where we’re at:

  • The coroner has agreed to an Article 2 inquest which is good but says no to a jury. Astonishingly Sloven have just said they think there should be a jury too. This will be decided tomorrow.
  • The police will update on their investigation.
  • The coroner will rule on whether Oxon County Council are an Interested Party. We think they should be for fairly obvious reasons.
  • There may (or may not be) some discussion about potential witnesses.
  • There may or may not be a date/length of inquest set (depending on the police investigation and number of potential witnesses).
  • The coroner may or may not allow live tweeting.

Sloven (and the Bevan Brittans) have got a different barrister pitching up. Dunno if this was because Gerry Boyle’s photo was bounced around twitter by the wonderful Open Democracy peeps. Or because he looked totally sick to the stomach trying to argue (on either Sloven or Bevan Brittan’s instructions) that drowning is a natural death at the last meeting. Whatever, he’s replaced by Fiona Paterson.

We have the legendary Paul Bowen, QC, representing us (think that’s the right lingo). He, together with the equally legendary Caoilfhionn Gallagher and Charlotte Haworth Hird comprise a trio of human rights deliciousness that LB would have delighted in. Something that not only reassures us hugely but is also an antidote to some of the extremes we’ve experienced in this half world of unremitting uncertainty and unpleasantness.

Here’s to sense and integrity.

6 thoughts on “The pre-inquest review meeting (2)

  1. This day would make for some interesting viewing, if only there was such a thing as a “squirm measurer” to watch the Sloves and BB do their stuff. All we can say is GOOD LUCK and lets hope you, and LB get the justice you truly deserve. Hundreds of us will be with you in the spirit of solidarity.xx

  2. oh God, a few minutes to four and I’ve managed to see tweets. I am looking away now , focus on what happened not what should have?. I was left with ‘ that would have been good practice had it happened’ . Please someone wade into the coroner now and make it count.

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