Newsnight. Yep.

The National Audit Office yesterday reported an unacceptable fail on the part of ‘The Department’, NHS England (and the 51 organisations who signed up to the Concordat back in the day) to move people out of ATUs.

We published our own audit from the Justice Shed on the same day. Makes for an interesting read.

And Newsnight came round. And did a cracking job.

LB made national TV 20 months after drowning in a bath in hospital. Astonishing.


6 thoughts on “Newsnight. Yep.

  1. Well done is all I can say Sara. It is only with your deep determination ( and LB supporters) that this has actually happened, albeit 20 months later. Thinking back to how this could have all so easily ( too easily) been swept under the Sloven carpet and filed away, never to be mentioned again is mind blowing. Great achievement.

  2. Hi there. Loved seeing you guys on it. I was going to be on to at the studio but it was pulled at last minute. My sons story is a bit different but it could easily have Been yours.
    And yesterday the country lost another son. A friend of mine lost her son she had to switch off his intensive care machines. He die with brain dead, due to restraining to much force. It happen the day before. Last night my friend had the agony of letting doctors to switch off his machines. This madness must stop. We all need to do our best to do so. Fight fight.
    I am so so sorry for your loss. Your sin was such a beautiful boy.

    Leo Andrade. From #BringStephenHome

  3. It was very well presented so hopefully made even more people angry. I also love your audit report – have already shared it with colleagues and friends. We are really looking forward to hosting the inspirational Justice Quilt at Newman University – lots more students, staff and visitors to the campus passing through to learn about the story and tell their family and friends about it too.


  4. So glad that this has finally aired on mainstream TV…but Evan Davis saying “we must come back to this in 2 years and see what’s moved on” – hopefully change will be big headline news sooner than 2 years….Surely…

  5. It is a VERY big achievement to make it into the mainstream news, and your dignity and “normality” did a service for all who have to cope with their frustration and despair unseen and unheard.
    It is a long time since I heard the expression “compassion fatigue” from a journalist – but it is one of the barriers that we have to cross. The hard facts of our lives, and the batlles, are familiar and almost unremarkable to us – but there is such lack of awareness generally that when you talk to someone about our “normal” you are sometimes met with disbelief.

    I didn’t have much idea about ATUs until I started reading your blog – but what is happening is really scandalous, and really needs to be spelled out over and over in all its horrific detail. One thing that worries me is that “sectioned under the Mental Health Act” conjures up the wrong idea in most people’s minds, of young people who are a danger to themselves and others – not a bureaucratic convenience that stands a very good chance of turning a temporary crisis into a major disaster. ATUs may have a function for some forms of “illness” on a temporary basis – and if they really did assess and treat – but never for people with LD or behavioural problems that can only be made worse. Has ANYONE ever benefited from a stay in one?

    I found the “two years” line a bit chilling as well. That is a lot of suffering for a lot of families!

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