Delay and inhumanity

Found out earlier the disciplinary process for the staff member we referred is delayed. Again. An extension has been granted for additional time to read through records. We referred this person in May 2013.

“I’m not being funny”, I said, on the phone, “But all this delay stuff is always on the part of the system; the Department of Health, the NHS, the CCG, the local authority. And it impacts on families who are utterly devastated. Crushed by the process. And who have nothing to answer to. We’re 20 months on from LB’s death and no accountability. Just waiting. On wait.”

How can this possibly be?

No real answer. Though very apologetic engagement.


On the bus home I read this tweet. And again my brain screamed there’s simply no excuse to delay any part of the process of accountability. It’s the absolute minimum that should be done when you’ve got something so catastrophically wrong. I can’t describe the additional pain generated as weeks, months and years go past and fuck all happens.

This established practice of embedded, accepted and unremarked upon (by those with any sniff of  power) delay needs stamping out. It’s simply inhumane.


6 thoughts on “Delay and inhumanity

  1. This is beyond the words you use. Every time I read these blogs my mind goes into free fall. I go round and round in circles this is power to the nth degree.

  2. These tactics are meant to wear you down These are Machiavellian mind games. Unprincipled, crafty and opportunistic. (dictionary reference) The power they have been given by the state has robbed them of their moral compass. Shame.

    Sara the buck has got to stop somewhere, but at the moment it seems that it is still being passed around all the relevant bodies. It is a disgrace that this happens. It is a disgrace that so many public funded institutions could or should be allowed to do this to any citizen, let alone a grieving one.

    Sara it would be understandable if you threw the towel in. I would have given up long before this because I am a bit of a coward. However I truly hope you don’t. There are many people who have never met you but are rooting for you all the way. I am confident you and your family will get justice for your son LB. and hopefully pave the way for justice for all LD people who are being so cruelly ignored.

  3. the delays are mind bending. I have a potential 4 more months with the PHSO at review and the GMC investigation is still in its infancy. This week I had a final response to one acknowledged service failure, the Chief Executive copies in PHSO,CQC and Monitor. An action plan for urgent care and long term division, I mentally ticked OK I think that was worth fighting for. You have/are making a difference. I am still trying to contribute feedback to the Bill. My mind goes to the need for four walls ( we achieved that ) funds for self directed support ( half a PA ) mind gone blank. Please let the appalling delays be your norm mentally. I am so mad that the chaos of my complaint is going to be with us in year 3, it is tainting our grieving every day. Constantly pushing your grief to one side to deal with the campaign is taking chunks out of you, I hope a tipping point for progress is just around the corner.

  4. Sara I have now made a formal complaint, on Martin’s behalf, against Mr Justice Charles. This has to be heard by the President of the Court of Protection. Mr Justice Charles put a penal notice on me I was forbidden “from discouraging Martin from going to the Wincroke Unit or from c-operating in his transfer and his assessment and treatment there” plus another 4 forbiddens. I have permission to publish this. I also have a LA who over ruled my legal EPA, and have had themselves made Martin’s appointee without his permission. The DWP co-operated with the LA on this, again ilegally. The LA are also refusing to have Martin assesed for continuing care. Fees at his care home are £2400 a week. I tried to bring this into the Court of Protection, Mr Justice Charles refused to co-operate. Sooner or later you are will be able to use this information to help your campaign. Please pass it on to any journalist who is interested

  5. i am so sorry you still going through this. The system is f……g pants. Sometims I think it’s in favour of the bad guys. Not on the side of a suffering parent. I don’t pretend to know your pain. But having a son like your lb who by the way we also used to call smilar name smily boy, in the system 2years in a mental institution… I don’t know how I would cope in your place. So I pray you keep going give them hell. Much love. Leo.

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