Monitor lizards at the Sloven Corral

Another remarkable letter today from the Sloven Board Chair (who I’m now beginning to think might be deluded). We’re still thrashing through various issues around Sloven’s behaviour since LB died. Real scum bucket behaviour. Perhaps not surprising really given the Kirkup report this week that details shockingly awful actions in another NHS “Trust”. We’re clearly a way away from candour, honesty and transparency. Despite all the blather.

So. One part of the letter was about social media surveillance. Mr Waugh states

Like many organisations, the Trust monitors media and social media mention of its name, hence the content of the briefing to which you refer. This does not constitute surveillance of an individual.

Mmm. A quick Oxford dictionary search…..

Surveillance: ‘close observation, especially of a suspected spy or criminal’.
Monitoring: ‘maintain regular surveillance over’

Ok. Not sure the monitor/surveillance distinction is holding up here. I blogged about this issue a while back but a screen grab is helpful for a quick glance. Yep. Clearly monitoring. The blog written by the mother. An individual. A specific and targeted close observation (particularly given we rarely mention the Trust by name (unless it is now actually called Sloven)).


This briefing was written and circulated one day after LB died. [He died?] How the Board Chair of a public body can continue to be so deceitful and underhand to the family of a child they let drown in the bath is unfathomableYou were monitoring/surveilling my social media activity and it was more important to your organisation to think about reputation protection, less than a day after our son died, than seriously look at the service being provided in the STATT unit.

How can this level of dishonesty and immoral action possibly be allowed to continue?

6 thoughts on “Monitor lizards at the Sloven Corral

  1. How dare they think they are entitled to censor what a private individual writes online or anywhere else, unless it is legally actionable, in which case they should follow the matter through the courts.

  2. Wow. What the F…..k? Unbelievable. So they can do what they do. They are shit workers. Shit managers. Shit placement. They let a child die under their care. And then have the audacity to want you to stop talking about them? So very F….g typical of this people. They abuse our children they use and abuse our children’s basic human rights, by locking them up keep them segratated, drugged up, and they there complain ? How dare they? I am so so angry for you, and us other parents who going through hell. Good luck Sarah. Keep fighting. X

  3. Sara immoral this is the word. I still have trouble accepting in any way what Sloven are doing, have done, will do. Every ethical and moral principle does not exist for these people. Your crusade (this is what it is,) is the only way to counteract this, but we need to take to the barricades (where are they in this day and age?) LB should be on the banners. Well I guess the internet is the barricades.

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