State of ‘play’

Had a twitter rage flurry just now. It happens every so often, coming almost out of nowhere in terms of timing. I appreciate people’s fortitude to suck it up really. It must be off the scale of tedious. Anyway, it reminded me I should update the state of play right now in terms of gaining some sort of accountability for LB’s death. This may be useful to families like Thomas Rawnsley’s, and others who are earlier on in this toxic process.

In no particular order (because there is no particular order):

1. Verita 2. A broader independent review building on Verita’s original report, exploring issues like Sloven leadership, systems, mental capacity and learning disability services in Oxon. Commissioned by NHS England and the Oxfordshire Adult Safeguarding Board.

Six month review started in September 2014 (appointed June time). Completion date? Fuck knows. [Notes: We have a rep on the investigation panel but she is failing to secure information any better than we are. The local NHS England team told us in March 2014 they’d keep us informed of developments but never get in touch unless we contact them.]

2. GMC investigation. A referral by us because of lack of action by Sloven.

Started May 2014.
Due to be completed? Fuck knows. [Notes: We get regular, unsolicited, progress reports from the GMC which is something.]

3. Police investigation.

Started July 2013, re-started around March 2014.
Due to be completed? Fuck knows. [Notes: We got regular updates last year but no news since the pre-inquest meeting January 13.]

4. Health and Safety Executive Investigation. Someone from the HSE sat in our kitchen several months ago. A few HSE leaflets make me think they must have done and we didn’t dream it, but no direct communication from them in any form at any point. Could be figment of imagination.

Started? Fuck knows.
Due to be completed? Fuck knows. [Notes: I just found the business card of the inspector who visited. Someone (not me) has pencilled ‘arse’ above her name.]

5. Sloven staff investigations. The stuff of legend. Almost as extraordinary as 4. above.

Started? Fuck knows.
Due to be completed? Fuck knows. [Notes: Latest communication from Board Chair, Simon Waughpath, is that the delay has been due to factors out of their control. As ever.]

6. Mazar review. Reviewing deaths in Sloven learning disability and mental health provision since 2011, commissioned by NHS England.

Started November 2014 for four months. Due to be completed? Fuck knows. [Notes: As 1. Sloven are reporting a publication date of late Summer.]

Wow. A full house of fuck knows. Impressively off the scale of crap.

I mean what did LB matter really? And our lives? Smashed out of recognition by his death. What do we matter?

State of play sums it up really. A game to all those implicated in some way. Drawing their chunky old salaries while the months go by. Unchecked. And we’re told fuck all.

Stay classy. The lot of you. It is an astonishing spectacle.

11 thoughts on “State of ‘play’

  1. Do you know what….as very sad and tragic this whole “thing” is, I am not at all shocked,…..disturbed yes, very disturbed….. at the silence. But after reading Rosi`s blog a few days ago on Slovens legal tactics at Nico`s inquest, nothing more could surprise me. Are the NHS really that powerful, even in the face of not one but two preventable deaths whilst in their “care”???
    Even after the media coverage from the Verita and CQC reports,.? I find this all very suspicious that a collective of professional experts who job is to monitor and investigate go silent en masse.

  2. Yes. One could wonder if there is not a ‘how to stall and wear people out’ anti improvement manual out there.

    Too many people have similar stories.

    Witness Long care, Winterbourne, Cornwall, Scarborough and Stafford NHS, and child grooming scandals etc etc etc etc, all had same three monkeys responses. All were/are huge Orgainisational failures………a humungus mountain of personal tragedy.
    Not collusion, more shared incompetence? But chummie’ness can and does develop when people appointed with huge power and nil accountability,get together. Even where one appointee is there to monitor and challenge the other. People who have had little (if any) power or influence in previous roles are suddenly in the Board room with the big boys. WOW! ,and chocolate biscuits and real coffee!. Life is sorted. Why rock boat?.

    ‘ I have no idea where to begin’ . A far too common comment where I try to explain our own brain cracking journey through the ever breeding bogs and slippery slurry humps of first …..ignore these little people. Then, blame ’em, then bully/frighten ’em and if that all that fails……. avoid ’em and wear ’em out…………. and if all that…. fails ………prevaricate’. prevaricate…..prevaricate..

    There must be a mountain of the similarly worried, wearied and injured. All isolated and all worn down by caring, grief and powerlessness, all are alone. With with no idea where to begin….

    No idea where to go or how to begin to achieve safe care far less justice, even if they had the energy needed…..or the experience knowledge and ability necessary for the long long long long long personally bruising battle.. That is currently neatly sorted….. by the book..

    It is for all of them too Sara. And we who can ………… it for them…….

  3. This has brought tears to my eyes, as I can feel your frustration and exhaustion as clearly as if you were in the room. It’s beyond sick that a young man has died and no-one will accept any measure of blame, to say nothing of giving you some closure so that you can be free to mourn Connor and find maybe a tiny shred of peace.
    Your fight will never be tedious, and if anyone dares to think so, their lack of compassion makes them less than human. x x x

  4. The answer to the question do your family matter ? is probably no. I often think of the epic fight my daughter had to gain any funding for independent living , five long years. I am quite sure her death was greeted with relief by the NHS and LA . Your previous post was full to brimming reflecting the brilliance that is the campaign, the hurt to yourself/family through the process of seeking justice is vile and unforgiveable and it has been going on for years sadly. I am inspired by the parent who held in there for six years. Keep going Sara, you have people with genuine influence listening.

  5. Hillsborough, justice at last. 25 years and now an apology for a very very very big lie.
    Salutes to all the brave bereaved families who give years of their own life, for justice,

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