Reading between the lines

Some thoughts about the latest communication from Sloven below in bold. Still astonished by this email. And that we won’t be given any information about staff disciplinary action. We don’t expect names. Just evidence that appropriate action has been taken where relevant. Post Francis, Winterbourne, Keogh, Kirkup, etc, etc, etc. Is anyone in charge?


12 thoughts on “Reading between the lines

  1. They still don’t get it, do they Sara? They still posture and whinge. Even after all this time they are still trying to wriggle themselves out of any blame in Connor’s death.

  2. I utterly despise this lack of accountability and responsibility that resonates through the Health and Care sectors. If they can’t self-regulate, then it has to be done for them.

  3. This is awful, and makes very little sense. How long could it take to get a fairly good idea of what happened? Why should “media attention” slow things down – unless it was more a matter of arriving at some narrative that hung together and protected those responsible rather than got at the truth?

    People are human and fallible, and one could well imagine that it WAS an awful process – but as you know only to well, nowhere near as awful as it was for you and your family. If you felt that what was being said in the “media” was unfair, wouldn’t most people want to speak up for themselves as quickly as possible?

    Arse covering, cowardice, mis-management and dishonesty blatantly on display. But why not? They have the power and the big guns, and anyone who stands up to that is an incomprehensible and unconsidered nuisance.

    How tiresome of you, Sara, to persist in making this public, and insisting that your son deserved better.

  4. Brilliant analysis. They are unbelievable. Note in point one they manage to write”investigation” without saying of WHAT-that would be your poor son’s entirely preventable death while in their care. From the way this reads, they could be looking at shortfalls in stationary supplies or a rubber plant tipping over in the waiting room.
    And the use of “parties” to share out and so diffuse blame !
    It is a odious letter.I am so sorry it has been added to the pile of crap you have had to wade through to get justice anywhere near.

  5. There’s something so wrong when the humanity is removed and so worrying about the managerialism that prevails in our services. It just makes one want to say – how about if this was your son or daughter? What would you write about what happened? and how much of a priority would you make it? Allowing processes to drag on for years which is what seems to happen in authorities is far too often about protecting the organisation not ensuring justice and learning

  6. Have you thought that the reason, SLOVEN, will not reveal internal disciplinary machinations, might be because they do not want to reveal, the total lack of internal accountability.

    We have already seen with Staffordshire, the systems per se, are effectively unaccountable.

    At most after years of publicity, campaigns, huge legal costs, a fine is imposed. Which, we as tax payers pay and which merely bankupts the Trusts, allowing asset stripping, and privatisation by the government.

    Therefore, it is it is almost impossible, particularly without allowed media coverage to sue the NHS or LA.

    And if you are successful you pay the fine and the legal costs, and nothing changes.

    And if the coroner were to find unlawful killing, which is highly unlikely, who would then be held to account ?

    And, the internal systems, within the NHS and LA ,and social care provide the care workers/staff under are similarly unaccountable
    The staff on watch, are likely to be wholelly, or at least partically, zero hour contract workers, therefore, they are self-employed, and not employees, and cannot be sacked.

    The systems have been deliberately designed to this way.

    Provided the necessary perfunctory risk assessments etc are followed, any particular trust, and their private contractor service provider, appear to be unaccountable/ cannot be sued.

    And they in turn, have only power over their employed managers, who can be sacked, not the actual people doing the job.

    So huge profit can be claimed for a service, that is unaccountable, to the service user.

  7. Sara

    You are Dr Ryan, a respected academic and still the people who so grievously failed your family and your lovely son, made the usual response of ‘ who do think you are’, They treated you and are treating you still, with disrespect and disdain. Expecting you, like so many before, to be so sad and so hurting you will just go away. There is a population of us: a whole landscape of people who have been and are being, similarly treated. Many of us fight on/have fought on, against all their arrogance of paper and the mucky hope and energy costly meetings, where we always leave battered and reduced.

    An army of us have been/are currently treated as a subsersive, for just questioning what went wrong.. Too many of us give up…just go home….. to grieve and weep with frustration. Feeling as impotent as was intended.
    Job well done.

    The most dogged of us are handed over to legal department. The sans accountable… hands briskly dusted. ;;;;;;;;and forget all about us.
    Their job well done.

    But no more. Connor’s brave unique mum is not going away and nor are we, Not this time.
    Bless youx

  8. I agree totally with weary mother. You are not accepting sod off Sara and weep, you have what it takes . I know that when you have fired at you the comment that it is with dismay but sadly no surprise that you are still complaining you will have an articulate response to offer.

  9. Just so you know there Are staff that were not “dealt with” now work at another unit. Serious medication errors with one particular nurse. Does someone else need To die before action is taken?

    • If one staff leaves they will be replaced by another itinerant tool.

      It is the system that needs to change.

      The system is not devoted to helping the vulnerable, it is paid so much for- 4,000 per week- quite the reverse,

      They are an audit statistic, that are processed for even more profit.

      The state cannot be guilty of any wrong, all is self preservation, all is geared to this. Truth and deaths are irrelevant.

      Whilst all abuse is at home at the hands of relatives etc all at that level is intervention to remove for profit.

      This will continue and the vulnerable will continue to die and be abused.

      Because the agencies/state are unaccountable, and will remain so, because the vulnerable are in the minority, and the state can profit from them.

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