A sunshine and daffodil day

Day 6 of #107days again. Though we’re not really counting the individual days this time. That was last years extravaganza. And we would never want, or even hope really, to recreate such a spontaneous, unscripted, joyous and collective celebration. Taking awesome to new levels.

I couldn’t look back at what I’d written much about LB’s time in the unit this time last year. Even though we’d vaguely talked about filling #107days with these posts (we had no idea it would become such a phenomenon that we’d be splitting days between two or three people/organisations by the end.) Today I revisited the Day 6 post. Not sure how to describe what it feels to read such naive, misplaced optimism knowing what we now know.

day 6

Baseline assessment? Get LB active again? I had no idea that I was in the process of writing an account starkly capturing the continuing shiteness of provision for learning disabled people, despite the Winterbourne View meithering, at the time.  What I heard that day was a reiteration of how the unit had been described to us a few days earlier. A place in which patients are assessed, ‘treated’, while being encouraged to lead their everyday lives from the unit. School + ‘baseline assessments’ sounded bloody brilliant in the circumstances.

A sunshine and daffodil day.

The daffs are out again. Some things don’t change. And the magic of #107days bubbles below the surface. Thank fuck. We’re asking people to let us know what being involved in the campaign (in whatever way) has meant to them. Early responses have already brought tears, laughter and cheer to the Justice Shed. An antidote to the relentless justice path we’re tramping. Thank you.


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